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Design of pulp molded products
Mar 21, 2018

The design of pulp molded products is not only the design of structural equipment and equipment, but many of its properties are determined by raw materials, auxiliaries, fillers and production processes. Therefore, the design of pulp molded products is a comprehensive technology of process and structure.

1. Some basic requirements.

In addition to the general physical strength of paper products, the following properties should be paid attention to in terms of process and structure design according to the different USES of the products, so as to meet specific usage requirements.

(1) adsorption: hydrophobic properties of pulp molded products, including the absorption properties of liquids such as water, oil and ink, which are especially important for paper tableware.

(2) the appearance quality of the products, with the naked eye can observe the appearance of defects, these defects including dust, holes, buckling, chewiness, screen printing, spots, bumps, scales spot, fissure, edge and concave, colour and lustre abhorrent not beautiful appearance.

(3) product precision: refers to the error between the size, shape and position of the product and the design requirements. The precision of pulp molding products can only reach the national standard level according to the current manufacturing methods.

2. Key points of structural design.

In addition to the strength and toughness of paper products, pulp moulding products can be made into complex shapes according to functional requirements. When used as a disposable tableware, the shape is simple and the strength requirement is not high. When used for industrial packaging, its shape is very complex. It must meet the three requirements of industrial packaging: first, positioning requirements. The packaging products must be able to ensure that the package is in a fixed position within the packing box, and that the shape of the packaging products should be synchronized with the packaging items, and the contact is appropriate and the size is accurate. The second is the buffer requirement. Products as a whole to have a certain toughness and flexibility, the surface should also be some loose, and packaged goods contact friction cannot be packaged goods damage surface luster, can eliminate packing items in the transport by collision impact and vibration. Three is carrying. Products are required to have certain strength and rigidity to support the package and to withstand external pressure. In order to meet the above functional requirements of the products, besides selecting the appropriate raw materials, auxiliaries and production processes, the structural design is more important.

(1) the functional structure: pulp molding products forming technology characteristic determines the thickness of the same products can have only one, in order to meet the functional requirements, adjust the intensity and buffer in available cavity and tud, shaped cavity can increase the elasticity and flexible products overall, stud products can increase the strength and rigidity. In the larger plane, the carrying capacity requires high, can be designed here corrugated or honeycomb shape.

Technology (2) structure: as the initial billet is a wet paper, paper pulp molding products forming in the production process, the water will gradually precipitate, products shape, location and size, great changes have taken place in the same plane and different position in the same direction, different amount of shrinkage products, products warp or twist deformation going to happen. In order to adjust this deformation, only structural shapes are used to balance. This structure, which is used to adjust the contraction deformation, is called the process structure of the product.

(3) principle of parameter determination related to structure:

Demoulding. Wet paper pulp molding products in the process of forming, the billet closely on the mould, and pulp fiber embedded in the mesh network model, in order to make the wet paper stock transfer, parallel to the parting direction of the surface of the products should have a reasonable draft. It is difficult to get out of the mold when it is too small, and it will cause the surface of the product to be scratched or broken. The overdraft will reduce the product size precision and affect the packaging function.

The product wall is thick. According to the conditions of use and type of slurry, the wall thickness of the products is determined, and the thickness of the wall is the important factor affecting the strength of the products. Products increase wall thickness is not just the raw material consumption, and the wall thickness during adsorption forming determines the production efficiency, increase the wall thickness also increases the drying energy consumption and make the products produce sag, quality defects such as shrinkage and sandwich. As a result, the wall thickness should be reduced as far as possible. The wall thickness was between 0.5-6mm and the wall thickness was between 3-20mm when pressed.

The rounded corners. The corner of the inner and outer surface of the pulp molded products, the vertical bar and the terminal of the main body and the vertical bar must be made with rounded corners to avoid straight edges. The transition of rounded corners is beneficial to mould manufacturing and adhesion, which is conducive to the removal of wet paper billet, which is conducive to the flow of slurry during the adsorption and forming, which is conducive to reducing stress concentration.

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