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Mould design of pulp moulding
Mar 21, 2018

The mould design must meet the requirements of the pulp molded product structure, and the structure of the pulp molded products should meet the requirements of mold design and manufacturing as well as the conditions of use and forming process. Design molded pulp mold before, therefore, must be fully analysis and research on the structure of the paper pulp molding products, so that product design and mold design both economic rationality and technical feasibility of mutual coordination and unity.

Mould type of pulp mold.

Paper pulp molding products should pass into the mold for many times in the process of forming can finish the products manufacturing process, and finally talked about in front of the paper pulp molding products are forming on a single convex or concave die, after forming must after convex concave die and die cavity in the transfer, transfer to shaped mould wet paper billet is in the shaped mould pressing forming after heating. As a result, pulp moulds are divided into moulds, moulds, plastic moulds and die cutting dies. There are two kinds of forming process, one is the adsorption forming, the other is the pressing forming, the pressing forming mould is similar to the rubber plastic mould, the adsorption forming mould is more special and complicated.

(1) adsorption forming mold:

The structure of the adsorption forming die is composed of punch, die, die, mold base, mold back cavity and air chamber. The network mode is the main body of the mold, since the mesh mode is made from the diameter 0.15mm silk thread metal or plastic, it cannot be formed independently and must be attached to the mold surface to work. The back cavity of the mold is a cavity with a certain thickness and a fully synchronously formed part of the mold. The cavity is a shell with a certain wall thickness. The working face of the mold and the back cavity are connected by a small hole.

The mold is mounted on the formwork template by the mold base, and the other side of the template is equipped with an air chamber, which is connected with the back cavity. At the same time, there are two channels for compressed air and vacuum. The reserved amount of the adsorption forming dies: the amount of reserved amount of the mold is the key of the mould design.

Pulp molded products from wet paper to finished products, due to the precipitation of water and contraction. Different locations in the same products shrinkage rate is not the same without rules, making products in the process of forming multidirectional, changeful contraction changes, cause mould design to determine the amount of reserve because of difficult, but the packaging industry of paper pulp molding products manufacturing accuracy is not high, with the experience design method can meet the requirements. In order to obtain higher products manufacturing accuracy, improve the die design method, the author through the long time test and theory summary is derived to determine the use a universal value, high precision mould calculation formula of the reserve amount (for understandable reasons cannot be released) this calculation formula in addition to be bound by structure, shape, also added to the type, forming conditions and drying way coefficient, so the calculation formula has both theoretical basis, empirical coefficient.

(2) pulp moulding mold:

The moulding mold is a mold that enters into the function of heating, pressure and dehydration directly after the wet sheet forming.

The mould is used to dry the wet blanks in the mold. The surface of the products made by the mold is smooth, accurate, firm and rigid. Disposable tableware is made with this mold. In the industry on the inner packing, some small, precision, a large number of small items are stacked up the way of packing, used to wrap between each layer orientation of packaging products, if the paper pulp molding products will need to use shapes mold to manufacture. The general industrial packaging products are single - sided work, without heat set, direct drying. Shaped mould structure including punch, concave die, net die and heating elements, with net mode of drainage vent convex or concave die, wet paper blank while working in setting a mould first squeezed, some water is squeezed out, and the wet paper blank in water to make wet paper blank that 50-55% in a mould for the rest of heated water is vaporized, wet paper after they were being squeezed dry setting form products.

The mould in the mould will cause the surface of the product to produce the net mark, and the mesh mold will be damaged quickly in frequent extrusion. In order to solve this problem, the author designs a kind of meshless mould, which is made of copper base ball powder metallurgy. Two years after a lot of structure improvement and choose proper powder granularity, made no net shaped die life was 10 times higher than the net model, cost reduction, made of paper products of high precision, internal and external surface is smooth.

(3) pulp moulding plastic mold:

Wet paper deformation of slab after drying to happen, some parts of the deformation is serious, or shape of product appearance requirements of high precision, the products should pass a plastic process, using mould said plastic mould. The mold also needs to have heating elements, but no meshes. The amount of water needed to be retained during drying is required for plastic surgery. In production practice, the water content is not easy to control, making it difficult to meet the quality requirements. The author has designed a kind of spray plastic mould, which needs plastic parts to make a spray hole. At work, the products are thoroughly dried and put into the plastic mold, and the mold is sprayed with spray holes in the mold, which is similar to the spray iron in the garment industry.

(4) die cutting die:

Die cutting die is used to trim the edge of the product, also known as trimming die.

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